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Super Cheap Car Rental

World class website, specialty reservation system, soaring conversion rate

Super Cheap Car Rental


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Founded in 1996, Super Cheap Car Rental is a car rental company with three locations across California that provide the cheapest all inclusive car rental for drivers under the age of 25.

Before online booking, Super Cheap Car Rental worked hard to build its reputation as an honest company that cares about its customers through traditional marketing techniques. 25 years later, it is the go-to rental company for students, travelers, and Los Angeles entertainment industry professionals.

"TS Marketing took the time to really learn about our business and our demographic in order to build the most effective system for our unique needs. This was truly a customized process. The numbers don't lie. TS Marketing is the real deal."

- Danny Barker, Super Cheap Car Rental

The Challenge

Super Cheap Car Rental approached TS Marketing in the fall of 2020 with the desire to increase rental reservations. Their initial request was for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). However, upon examination, analytics showed that their site was receiving plenty of traffic, but they weren't converting clicks into clients.

Super Cheap Car Rental's primary demographic is drivers under the age of 25, of who primarily use mobile devices, as opposed to desktop PCs. Thus an outdated booking system and site that wasn't mobile optimized led to a nonexistent conversion rate and extremely high bounce rate of 68%.

The Solution

Our first step was to completely redesign the website with a mobile-first approach. We then sat down with Super Cheap Car Rental to understand how their business runs, and developed a booking system catered to their specific needs (the ability to dynamically set prices, manage reservations, set blackout dates, manage promo codes, view analytics data, and run custom reports), all for 30% less than their previous system.

The next step was to increase their organic reach by setting up a search engine optimized blog platform for staff to use, and to set up paid ads on Google where our custom booking system could report conversion data.

Lastly, we created an API for the reservation database that integrated seamlessly with Super Cheap Car Rental's existing fleet management system.

Super Cheap Car Rental

The Result

The result was immediate. Super Cheap Car Rental's bounce rate plummeted and their organic conversion rate shot up to 6.59%. The initial Google Ads campaign was targeted at foreign markets because their primary demographic was foreign visitors, but when the COVID-19 pandemic halted international travel, TS Marketing was able to quickly pivot and redirected all ads to domestic markets. Super Cheap Car Rental survived the recession, and established a new local client base. Powered by TS Marketing, Super Cheap Car Rental now has an 856.52% return on ad spend (ROAS).

Super Cheap Car Rental

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